Vincent Cabales is the son of the legendary Angel Cabales. Vincent Cabales is the current Grandmaster of the Cabales Serrada Escrima. 



Bruce Juchnik is the 22nd generation headmaster of Kosho Ryu Kempo. He is the one and only student to be taught the full art of Kosho Shorei Ryu Kempo, and its parent art Kosho Shorei Ryu, by Great Grandmaster James M. Mitose, who brought Kempo to the west from Japan.



Mark Mikita opened his first martial arts school in 1978 and has been teaching full time ever since. Inspired by his father’s wartime experiences in the Philippines, witnessing first-hand the lethal effectiveness of Escrima-trained guerrillas fighting with bolos against Japanese katanas, Mark has been training for over 50 years and he is known for delving deeply into the core principles and often-missed details that bring the art to life in combat.




Dedicated to the art of Serrada Escrima made famous by the late great Grandmaster Angel Cabales, the first to open a Filipino Martial Arts (Escrima) School in Stockton, CA. in the 60's. Ron Saturno teaches primarily the old fashion Serrada Escrima. 



Martin Wheeler is a Master Instructor of Systema, a Russian Martial Art. He has forty years of training in martial arts, with many years of practical street experience. He has a school in Beverly Hills, California and travels the world teaching his unique combative concepts. He is a contract instructor for Special Operations Groups, S. W. A. T. teams, law enforcement professionals, professional bodyguards and more.



Growing up in a squatter refugee community of post-war Manila in the 1950’s where violence was a daily occurrence, Romeo Macapagal learned Estilo Capampangan from his grandfather and boxing from his father. He furthered his study of Arnis directly from Antonio “Tatang” Ilustrisimo. The Ilustrisimo System with its sophisticated and almost scientific approach suited his personality, already shaped by previous technical work as a banker and a construction man in ship building and civil works.


Marc “Crafty Dog” Denny is the guiding force of “the Dog Brothers.” He is the founder and Head Instructor of the Dog Brothers Martial Arts organization, as well as one of the original first-tier fighters.



As the presenter of a very private system, Vilaire Sensei travels the world teaching the arts of Aiki Jujutsu. In addition to his unique martial skills, he is also a master gardener.



Dexter Labonog is Great Grand Master Leo Giron’s most senior student. He blends the “Original Giron Method” with the Serrada / Largo-Mano / Decuerdas (SLD) System passed down to him by Master Dentoy Revillar.



Dr. Philip Forde is one of the last practicing masters of the near-extinct art of Bajan stick-fighting. He learned from six different Bajan stick-fighters, who were introduced to him by his father, also a Bajan stick-fighter. In addition, he has studied Judo, Jujitsu, and Tai Chi.



Kalani Keikeinaaloha Foster started training in Eskrima at the age of 8 under the tutelage of his grand uncles, Grand Master Pasqual 'Gilbert' Tenio and Master John Eliab of Tenio's De Cuerdas system. Living in Stockton, he found himself needing to use the art to defend himself without drawing his weapon. This inspired him to evolve his teaching so everyday people could defend themselves without relying on the weapon while still learning fundamentals and principles from the original art. His training philosophy led to the creation of BBB SRT - Buffalo Black Brotherhood Street Ready Technique.



Dr. Marco Quarta is a Stanford University biomedical scientist and a serial biotech entrepreneur. His work as a martial artist is dedicated to researching and preserving original Italian martial traditions (both historical and living arts) actualized in modern full combat and self-defense methods. He is the founder of Nova Scrimia International, he teaches Italian martial arts around the world and has opened schools in Italy, Canada, USA, and Mexico. He is also one of the founders of “Hic Sunt Leones”, a fighting club based on traditional fencing assaults, duels and ritual combats. Marco has a personal interest in the body-mind-spirit elements embedded in the core of Western martial arts and fencing traditions, including their symbolic and philosophical aspects.



One of the few teachers of Jogo do pau. He continues to teach and share this rich tradition from Portugal.



Dr. Michael J. Ryan is a professor of African and Latino Studies at SUNY Oneonta. His experiences are in Javanese Mande Muda and Malaysian Harimau Beranti Silat, Venezuelan Garrote and Italian combative traditions from Genoa and Apulia. 



Dr. T. J. Desch-Obi is a professor of African and African Diasporic History at CUNY, who has studied side-hold wrestling, Capoeira and Colombian Grima.