In addition to their functional role, we realize that martial arts also serve as cultural artifacts. Instructors who are invited to lead sessions at our labs, are exquisite ambassadors of their traditions. Furthermore, as we do not expect repetition of themes, we have chosen to carefully archive and curate the videos of each of the sessions at our labs. 

While videos from our labs might be available for purchase, serious researchers are welcome to peruse our archives at no charge. The dissemination of the scholarly aspect of martial arts are just as important to us as the warrior perspective.

For additional details related to the process, copyright and terms of usage, please use the form below to get in touch with us.


Legacy Of The Blade, April 2018

  • Espada y Daga, presented by Ron Saturno and Carlito Bonjoc.
  • Capa Capa, presented by Mark Mikita.
  • Karambit, presented by Burton Richardson. 
  • Japanese Tantojustsu, presented by Henri-Robert Vilaire.
  • Visayan sword, presented by Maija Soderholm.
  • Italian blades, presented by Marco Quarta.
  • Polynesian blade techniques, presented by Robert Stines Jr.
  • Knife techniques from South African gangs, presented by Lloyd De Jongh.
  • Eclectic Mexican knife techniques, presented by Ed Calderon.


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