To respect copyrights, video recording by students is disallowed. Sadly, you'll have to leave your inner Stanley Kubrick at the door.


You are free to skip sessions. This ain’t high school. We promise to not send your mom a note. However, in the interest of the other students participating in the session, we ask that you not lurk around.


03 - NoPhone - Blue.png

Let’s save the Rihanna ringtone for the after-party. We request that you silence your phone during the sessions.


04 - NoLocationSharing - Blue.png

The venue will be our secret. If you disclose details of the venue, we’ll have to move the seminar to a forest you don’t know too well.


You are welcome to take pictures with the ambassadors. However, please do so only at the end of the session, with their permission. You might not want to mess with a shy, but skilled blade instructor.

06 - NoWeapons - Blue.png

For safe training, live weapons (including concealed) will not be allowed into the seminar premises. You will need to make arrangements for storing live weapons securely in a treasure chest before entering the venue.