F. A. Q. 


What makes this seminar different?

Legacy of the Blade will be a free-play and free-style laboratory of varied arts. Rather than teaching techniques, the ambassadors will be revealing the principles behind the techniques allowing for free expression, un-hindered by form/kata. The Immersion Labs hosts a global variety of ambassadors and martial arts. Legacy of the Blade will be the first lab in a series of once and a lifetime opportunities that will not be repeated! 

How is it that I’ve never heard of these instructors?

Many martial art instructors do not want fame and have chosen to remain relatively unknown in order to focus on their arts.

Are instructors really flying from different parts of the world?

Yes, several ambassadors will be coming from overseas to be a part of the seminar.

Who are the organizers?

You can read about them here.

Will certificates be given out at the close of the seminar?

The primary intent of this seminar isn't certification, but functional skill development.



How do I register?

Click the link here to apply. If your application is accepted you will receive further information.

Can I speak with someone before I register?

Certainly. Please message us through our Contact Us page.

How much does the Seminar cost?

The seminar is an exceptional value for money, price changes based on number of seats left.

I’ve been accepted. How do I prepare to get the most out of this seminar?

Keep up with your daily training, listen to the Legacy of the Blade Podcasts as they are released. Connect with your cohorts on the private group page.

What are the prerequisites to be eligible for this seminar? I am new to martial arts, can this program benefit me?

The program will definitely benefit martial artists of all skill levels, even those who decide to start with the Blade Craft seminar. Those with some experience in a movement art/martial art will be able to absorb more of the material and may be able to employ the skill sets learned with more ease than a cold beginner.

Are there age restrictions?

We ask that participants be at least 21 years old.

Can I join with an injury?

Consult your physician and loved ones to make an informed choice.

Can I pay in installments?

If you are accepted, however the payment must be received in full before attending this once in a life time experience. If you have been accepted please make a request through the Contact Us page.

Why wasn’t I asked to pay when I registered?

There is a screening process to ensure compatibility between the students and the event. Students will be asked to pay after they have been accepted into the seminar.

My application was rejected. What can I do about it?

Legacy of the Blade only allows 40 participants. This is to ensure the highest quality of instruction. Smaller classes = deeper learning. Legacy  of the Blade is just the beginning of a series of seminars from The Immersion Labs. Keep up with us on Facebook for future labs.

Can I skip the application process and pay directly?

No. The application process is designed to ensure the best compatibility between the students and the event. 

I've made it through the application process and have paid but I cannot attend. Can I get a refund?

There will be no refunds. Please make the decision to commit to Legacy of the Blade fully before signing up.



What’s the closest airport?

Norman Y. Mineta San Jose Airport (SJC) is the closest Airport.

I need to travel to get there, where can I stay?

There are many lodging options around the SJC airport, from Hotels to Air BnB’s.

Why can’t I see the venue?

The event has a strict no spectator and guest policy to ensure students are completely immersed without distraction. To maintain the sanctity of the event, the venue address will be disclosed after the student has registered for Legacy of the Blade.

I am traveling from out of town, when should I arrive in San Jose?

It is best to arrive the night before the seminar in order to be ready for the full days of learning ahead. If you are coming for the optional Friday event it is advised to arrive Thursday evening.

Do I need to bring training blades with me?

You are responsible for all training equipment, accepted applicants will receive a list of equipment they need to carry. If you cannot obtain the trainers for any reason, wooden dowels that are cut to the appropriate length can suffice for trainers.

Is there anything else I need to bring aside from Trainers?

Eye protection is highly reccomended. A personal first aid kit is also essential (first aid will be available at the seminar). Bring a notebook and writing utensil for the seminar, note taking is encouraged! Bringing water and snacks are also encouraged so that participants can stay energized and ready for the Immersive Learning.

How can I connect with fellow attendees before the seminar to coordinate / share accommodations?

The Immersion Labs Facebook page is an excellent way to reach out to other participants of Legacy of the Blade.

How are breaks/lunch conducted during the Seminar?

We STRONGLY recommend packing snacks, hydration and even a meal. There is always going to be some interesting and spontaneous conversation and possible demos shared during the breaks and it is an unfortunate thing to miss! However, we do understand that some may want to step out and get some fresh air. We leave that decision to you.



What kind of Attire should I wear?

What ever is most comfortable to you and is respectable to others. We strongly recommend layered clothing and good comfortable shoes as we will be training on a hard concrete floor.

Can I take private lessons with any of the instructors during the seminar?

The seminar is an excellent place to arrange for future private lessons with the Ambassadors. There will be no private lessons during the seminar. The Instructors will be giving out their contact info during the seminar for those who wish to train privately with them.

Can I record the seminar for personal use?

No. Video or photography will not be allowed during the entire seminar. We are striving to create a positive learning environment away from screens/devices. The event will be recorded for the sake of posterity and so that the Students can learn without distractions.