Past Dialogues






Marco Quarta Chats With Mahipal Lunia

  • History of Italian fighting.
  • Blade culture.
  • Different schools.
  • Hiding in plain sight.
  • Geometry of motion.
  • Philosophy and spirituality.
  • Nova Scrima.
  • The round table at The Immersion Labs.

Henri-Robert Vilaire Chats With Mahipal Lunia

  • Philosophy of the Japanese tanto.
  • Tanto for stabbing in combat.
  • Empty hand arts <--> blade arts.
  • Prized targets in the human body.
  • Principles over techniques.
  • Usage of two tantos.

Mark Mikita Chats With Mahipal Lunia

  • Melee warfare.
  • Kampilan and Capa Capa.
  • Tribal warfare.
  • Weapon-first mentality.  
  • Relationship as a basis for fighting.
  • Geometry of motion.
  • Fast vs quick.

Burton Richardson Chats With Mahipal Lunia

  • Southeast Asian blade culture (Draeger knife story, driving across the southern Philippines).
  • Karambit history (farming tool to fighting weapon).
  • Task-specific utilization; the right job for the tool (Use the tool for what it is best suited for).
  • The two modes of Southeast Asian martial arts (spectacle vs functional).
  • Transposing weaponry movement to empty hand application (Trigger pull analogy).
  • The Kris sword of the southern Philippines (compared to Indonesian kris/keris).
  • Comparing sword fighting and stick fighting (distinguish the difference between the two).
  • Scientific approach in the Philippines (Vic Hurley divorce story).
  • Teaching/learning methods (Motivated by benefits - usually fear or fun).
  • Integrating martial philosophy with life philosophy (It must be functional if you want it to aid your life).

Ed Calderon Chats With Mahipal Lunia

  • Ed Calderon's Background.
  • Mexican Blade culture.
  • "Target dictates weapon. Weapon dictates movement."
  • His teaching methodology.
  • "I'm not a martial artist, but a collector of methods."
  • Ingenuity is the key.

Lloyd De Jongh Chats With Mahipal Lunia

  • Lloyd De Jongh’s involvement with African fighting methods.
  • History of Piper African martial arts.
  • Misrepresentation.
  • African vs Western movement - beat, rhythm, broken rhythm.
  • African vs Western thinking.
  • Reverse grip, being in front of the knife vs behind the knife.
  • Evolution of crime and combat in the West as Africans emigrate.
  • OODA.
  • Perception action loop.
  • Motion and Emotion.
  • Logic vs biological heuristics.
  • The Piper System vs the Tripwire System.

Maija Soderholm Chats With Mahipal Lunia

  • Context of the art.
  • Sonny Umpad.
  • The singular nature of swords.
  • Link between design, context and usage.
  • "Don't get hit". Why? The Art is in living.
  • Space = time (Space between you and them. Between safety before and safety after)
  • Method. Practice. Random Flow.
  • Tactical thinking as meta system.
  • 4 Elements always present - You, them, environment, luck.
  • Details about what will be covered at the seminar.
  • I don't teach, I show you what I do. It's up to you to take it and to make it yours.” - Sonny Umpad.


Ron Saturno Chats With Mahipal Lunia

  • Angel Cabales, his life and art.
  • Basic movement theory regarding footwork of Serrada.
  • Floating footwork of Angel Cabales.
  • Significance of Espada y Daga and Serrada.
  • How basics are built around bow stance.
  • Significance of cross block and how it can immediately address danger.
  • Psychometria.
  • Importance of focus on basics and muscle memory.
  • After the death of the master.
  • Ron Saturno’s changes to the art.
  • The future of the art.