The Immersion Labs is a place of true learning. We believe equally in honoring our past, celebrating the present and nurturing the future. To this end, we are awarding scholarships in three categories for deserving candidates to attend the "Legacy of the Blade." 



Ron Saturno’s Bay Area Backyard Group wishes to honor the contributions of the father of FMA in America.

This scholarship will be awarded to exceptional martial artists, with the hope that they will broaden their horizons by experiencing other systems, just like the late Angel Cabales would have encouraged.

Srinivasan Sastri Scholarship

Mountain View Aiki Arts wishes to express their gratitude to Srinivasan Sastri, for continuing to mould a whole generation of Aiki practitioners.

This scholarship will be awarded to someone steadfast in their commitment to use martial arts for the benefit of their communities.

DigVijay Scholarship

The Lunia family wishes to salute the latent potential of the future. 

This scholarship will be awarded to an industrious martial art apprentice, looking to break new ground.

Each scholarship includes:

    • Full ticket to attend all sessions at the "Legacy of the Blade."

    • Daily stipend of $100 towards accommodation, if you live more than 80 miles from the Bay Area.

Application deadline:  April 2, 2018.

To earn ONE OF THE scholarships, apply below.

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