About Us


The Immersion Labs Foundation™

The Immersion Labs is a professional learning foundation dedicated to providing systemic peak performance training experiences and courses.

We facilitate collaboration between masters and masterful students. Regardless of individual approaches and philosophies, we explore traditions and methodologies from a wide cultural spectrum. 

Teachers share and archive their own methods and discoveries in intimate gatherings. Students simultaneously compare, contrast, and reframe their own practices in service of exquisite performance and growth. 

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Chairman & CEO

Mahipal works on Emerging Technologies (A.I and IoT) in Silicon Valley and holds multiple patents. His storied martial arts background of nearly three decades helps keep his knife set sharp. A mythology and photography buff, he can often be seen out in nature, hiking and climbing mountains. He has published over 225 podcasts with 4.5M downloads on Neurosciences and Personal change. These days, you are more likely to find him embracing his life's greatest adventure - his family. A Libertarian at heart he embraces individual freedom and responsibility. Contribution to fellow humans is a central value of his life and he has a set a personal goal of helping one person a day to actualize this.

"Have you learned enough? Have you loved enough? Have you shared enough?"




Behind the endeavor are a stalwart group of dedicated Martial Art practitioners who make up Mountain View Aiki Arts, Adaptive Martial Arts Society, and The Bay Area Backyard Group.

Special Thanks to the student volunteers from Mountain View Aiki Arts: Shobhit, Vincent, Shreyas, Meredith, Ben and Hana.